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Unconscious casualty and the recovery position

Differences in treating an unconscious baby

External bleeding including foreign body in wound and nose bleeds

Internal injuries and Shock


Emergency calls and using GPS on mobile phone


Differences in treating a choking baby

Asthma Attack


Anaphylactic Shock & EpiPen training

Seizures and febrile convulsions

CPR - adults, children and babies

First Aid Kits

Defibrillator (AED)


Heart attack

Diabetic casualty


Extreme winter weather survival

This is non-certificated training delivered in the comfort of your own home.


First Aid training delivered in your home at a time to suit. Whether it is just for yourself or the whole family (why not include the grandparents or the babysitter) Our trainer will talk you through the First Aid you want to know.

CPR baby
First Aid book
bleeding casualty
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Training from £30 per hour