Bags First Aid

Scottish First Aid
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Bags First Aid

Scottish First Aid
Association Member

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This course is ideal for nurseries, childminders, nannies and parents.

Course content:


Emergency environment risk assessment

Unconscious casualty

Common causes of unconsciousness

Diagnosis of an unconscious casualty

Treatment of a breathing unconscious casualty, the recovery position

Differences in treating an unconscious baby


Common causes of external bleeding

Treatment of external bleeding including foreign body in wound and nose bleeds


Common cause of burns in both domestic and workplace environment

Diagnosis of burns

Treatment of burns including chemical burns

Special considerations for babies


Diagnosis of an adult, child and baby choking casualty

Treatment of an adult, child and baby choking casualty who remains conscious

Treatment of an adult, child and baby choking casualty who becomes unconscious

Aftercare of choking casualties

Asthma Attack

Diagnosis of Asthma attack

Treatment of an Asthma attack casualty

Use of medication

When to call an ambulance


Commonly encountered poisons

Diagnosis of a poisoned casualty

Treatment of poisoning

Anaphylactic Shock

Common causes of anaphylactic shock

Treatment of anaphylactic shock in a casualty


Use of AED

First Aid Kits

The Law relating to First Aid provision in the workplace

Packaging of First Aid kits

Content of First Aid kits

Maintenance of First Aid

The course includes handouts that summarise the above topics and include a list of First Aid items, a resuscitation wall-chart is also included.  Additionally candidates have the opportunity to purchase a Child Care First Aid manual £6

Certificates awarded to candidates are valid for three years

Courses can be delivered at your nursery or workplace throughout Scotland

Lead practitioners and Childminders should consider the 2 day course

Two day Paediatric First Aid course


Includes EpiPen© training

Emergency Childcare First Aid course delivered at your work-place from £420 provides 12 places

Whats a Bags First Aid course like?All_First_Aid_Courses.html
Whats a Bags First Aid course like?Whats_a_Bags_Course_like.html
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Emergency First Aid course from £350 provide 12 places

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