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Choking Infant

A short video on treating a choking baby. My daughter, Amber, was a wee star performing in this, and don’t worry her stunt double ‘baby anne’ stepped in for the back slaps and chest thrusts.

CPR during Covid-19

Wall chart reminder of CPR sequence. Pdf file that can then be printed off. 2 to a sheet.

Place these in key locations in the workplace:

Keep alongside First Aid kit

Keep alongside AED

Staff noticeboard

Toilets are a good location where people will read information.

Infant CPR during Covid-19

Wall chart reminder of Infant CPR sequence. Pdf file that can then be printed off. 2 to a sheet.

This is for nurseries, childminders, nannies and parents.

Useful links and downloads


Ticks and Lymes disease.

There is useful information on the prevention of tick bites, removal of ticks and symptoms of Lyme disease on the NHS website

Improving First Aid Kits to deal with Covid-19 threat

Video on making an improvised face visor and using triangular bandages as improvised face covering


PPE for Covid-19

Where there is a need for protection against the risk of coronavirus infection First Aiders should consider wearing apron, gloves, visor (or goggles) and a face mask. They should be put on in the following order following a thorough hand wash or at very least hand sanitising where washing facilities do not exist.

  1. 1.Apron

  2. 2.Mask

  3. 3.Visor

  4. 4.Gloves

Following use they should be removed in the following order:

  1. 1.Gloves

  2. 2.Apron

  3. 3.Visor

  4. 4.Mask

PPE should be safely disposed of and hands washed after use.

In the absence of full PPE risks can be reduced by wearing a face covering and asking the casualty to also wear a face covering, wearing gloves if available and reducing contact with the casualty as much as possible.